New fruit!

Today was special for me. I tried a new type of food (a fruit) called banana.

It was about a foot long, bright yellow, with a lime green tint at either end. The banana is curved. Not sharply curved, nor gently. Somewhere in the middle.

The easily offended should stop here.

What it immediately reminded me of was a penis! Admittedly a large penis, but definitely phallic. I might be stepping over a line here, but this thing would probably fit snuggly into a women’s vagina!

Enough of that though.

It tasted good! I don’t really have anything to compare it to though. It’s fruity tasting, sweet but not as sweet as the orange, but not really sour at all. There is a hint of bitterness, especially when I ate the peel.

Speaking of the peel, it took me a minute or so to realize that the peel should be removed before eating the banana. So my first bite was not so good. I began to wonder about the banana, but after checking on the internet I found out how to peel it and it was much better.

I’m going to do more research on the banana, find out where it comes from, it’s history. I’d never really noticed them at the supermarket. I thought they were horribly misshapen lemons!

So I do recommend the banana. It is good!